About Our Work

How can you read our ebooks?

Our books are ebooks. They’re carefully designed to look good and read well onscreen. We’ve begun by creating books for the Amazon Kindle. You can get an Amazon Kindle App for your PC or for MAC products such as iPads, too. We’ll be creating new formats for other reading tablets soon.

Who are our ebooks for?

Our ebooks are for the under-5s. They’re amazing little people with a huge capacity for learning and for exploring what they see. That’s why Little Star ebooks have carefully thought-out extra pages to give you and your child the opportunity to talk together, explore pictures together or perhaps even make something together.

The under-5s are unbelievably good at dealing with onscreen material. It’s an instinctive part of their world. That’s why Little Star Books makes onscreen material of the highest quality, using all our experience as book professionals and as parents.

Look for our logo

All our ebooks have our Little Star logo on the cover, and all our free downloads and games have the Little Star brand name, too.