About Us

Little Star Books has been created by children’s book professionals Moira Butterfield and Gerald Hawksley.

Hi from Moira
I’m an author and I’ve been creating successful kid’s books for many years. I’ve run creative workshops for children in the past and I’ve appeared at Literary Festivals, schools and bookshops talking to the children who read my work. You can trust a book with my name it because I’ve put a lot of effort and thought into the content, and how I think it will best serve the people reading it. With my good friend, the highly-talented illustrator Gerald Hawksley, I’ve decided to produce ebooks for children the way I think they should be made – with the experience of readers in mind.

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Hi from Gerald
I’m an artist and a poet. No, really. I draw pictures and write poems. I also once rode a bicycle. Here is one of my poems. It’s about me!

I have one leg fat
I have one leg thin
I once lived in a biscuit tin

And another thing -
I invented string

My nose is pointy
My ears are red
I wear a fez upon my head

My hair is orange
My teeth are green
I bake cakes in my washing machine

I am the technical wizard behind Little Star books. What this means is I like to fiddle around with ebooks and suchlike in an enthusiastic manner, especially if I am rewarded with ice-cream (or cake, of course).

I am also Maisy Daniels in my spare time.

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