Happy Christmas bunting for kids

Here’s another step in our grand quest to give children and adults shared creative opportunities!

Over here in the UK people have gone bunting-mad. Various Royal events plus the Olympics meant that communities¬† got together for quite a few celebrations, and miles of bunting got put up to decorate homes and whole neighbourhoods. Here’s our local UK street party, with lots of bunting above our heads.

Bunting strung across the street in the summer

This gave us the idea to create a free Christmas bunting download for children to make and hang up. One sheet makes about 120cm – 4 feet – of bunting. All you need is an A4 sheet of plain paper and a printer, some scissors (best for a grown-up to do the cutting on this one), a length of string (or foil present ribbon if you’d like it shiny) some crayons or felt tips and a glue stick.Kids can join in any of the steps you want, but the cutting needs to be along the lines.

1. Print out the bunting sheet and color it in. The good thing about it is that kids of all ages can try some coloring and the bunting will look good whatever happens.

Bunting colored (by me, a so-called grown-up)

2. Cut the bunting into four squares, following the cut lines we’ve added.

Four bunting squares

3. Fold the squares across the middle to make triangles.

Bunting triangles….You’re nearly done : )

4. Open up a triangle and run a glue stick along the middle fold. Then slide the triangle onto the string and press down to stick. Glue the four triangles roughly an equal distance apart. It’s pretty easy to do that by eye. Leave some string either side for hanging up, though.

Bunting coming together

5. Hang up your bunting, either at both ends or at one end dangling down. Happy Christmas everyone!

Bunting hanging up, and a sneaky peek at my house!

DOWNLOAD HERE click here for bunting sheet

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