Christmas is coming! Download our letter to Santa

Yes, Christmas is looming, and for grown-ups it can be a too-busy time. For children, though, the build-up is all part of the joy so we’ve added a free download to the site to help you both, plus a new ebook on Kindle start getting you in the mood for the big holiday!

Click on the download section and you’ll find a letter for Santa, ready to color and write. Hopefully this will help the grown-ups with shopping choices and give the kids that exciting ‘Christmas is coming’ feeling.  We’ll be adding some more Christmas-themed downloads for you in the run-up to the holiday.

The new Christmas ebook is called Little Ted’s Cuddly Christmas. Children can join Little Ted in the Teddy House as the teddies prepare for the big day. We hope you have fun reading it and talking about it together.

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