Talking helps kids read – with free downloadable picture frame

My Happy Book and My Busy Book were our first Little Star Kindle ebooks for kids. They both have ‘talkabout’ pages, added content to help adults and children to talk together after they have read the beginning part of each book.

Talking about a story together adds a level of interaction that children greatly appreciate and it makes the reading experience more interesting for an adult, too. We’re going to add ‘talkabout’ extras to our ebooks whenever we can.

Meanwhile, here are some suggestions for ‘talkabout’ sentences to try with your child when you’ve read a book together. These questions are all encouraging rather than demanding. They’re not meant to make reading some kind of IQ test. They’re meant to make reading time engaging.

“What did you like best about that story?”

“Show me your favorite picture. I’ll pick one, too.”

“Shall we pretend to do something in the story?(eg: make a noise or do an action – whatever fits with the book you are reading)

“Let’s draw a picture of someone in the story.”  (talk about the character as your child draws it).

To help you with that last idea, we’ve put a free downloadable picture frame in the ‘download’ section of this site. It’s designed so your child can color it in and draw their own picture in the middle.  We hope it will help you encourage your child to draw a scene or character from a book they like.

Remember, too, that if your child doesn’t always feel like talking , that’s OK. We don’t always feel like it, either!

We’d love to see your children’s pictures. Feel free to send them to us via Facebook.

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