The ‘Being Brilliant’ Booster

The word ‘resource’ gets used all the time these days, doesn’t it? Companies and governments have resources…But guess what? You and your family have the most inexhaustible resource around, and it’s free!

It’s your imagination – a great creative force right there inside you. It frees you up to have fun, so it’s a powerful tool to make you feel good. If kids learn to tap into it from an early age they will always be blessed with a limitless free power source. They’ll be able to plug into it anywhere and everywhere, any time and any place.

Here’s a quote from somebody way more intellectual than us…..

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct.”

That’s philosopher and superbrain Carl Jung talking, and we agree.

The Little Star blogs are going to be about helping kids and adults to play using their imagination. There will be some quick ideas, for when you have just a few minutes, and some longer ideas for when you’re not so rushed. We’ll build up a library of free downloads for creative play, too. The very first free Little Star story – Teddy Ed’s Magic Bed – is in the download section of this site. Download it, print it out and enjoy reading it aloud together with our compliments.

Sometimes we’ll throw in a curve ball – some unusual play ideas that might seem a little crazy but will be tried and tested by us first. We might even ask guests to do the occasional guest blog, and we will definitely be looking at your comments and suggestions and using them to make our site better.

So….here’s a starter idea for you. It’s a quick one you can use with children wherever and whenever.


Kids love to make up stories, and it’s great fun to create them together in a tag team. You can start a story anywhere and any time by saying the first line out loud. Then take it in turns with your companion to carry on the story, in any direction you want.

A toddler will probably want to say one line when it comes to his or her turn, whereas older children might want to say a couple of lines. Follow their lead and let them go wherever they want in their imagination.

If you’re at home with crayons nearby, your child could draw a scene from the story once you’ve finished making it up. We’d really urge you to draw your own picture alongside your child, so that you get creative, too! We definitely think adults should play!

Here are a few STORY TAG TEAM lines from us, to help get you going, and there are free downloadable coloring pictures to go with them. They’re images from My Busy Book and they’re in the downloads section of the site.

One day I sailed a ship to sea, and…

One day I met an elephant and he said…

One day I went to the moon and I found a …..

We’re sure you’ll be able to think up lots more amazing first lines yourself, and so, no doubt, will your children. That’s kind of the point about this blog. We know that everyone out there is pretty extraordinary. We just want to give you a ‘being brilliant’ booster every now and again!

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